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About us

We are Filip Oleksik and Moritz Purer, two professional Slackline athletes and national champions who joined forces and created Slack Sensation. Together we offer various Showacts, Slackline related Stunts for movie and TV productions, Slackline Workshops and more. We have already successfully completed over 100 shows and would like to continue to bring our skills and expertise to the outside world with Slack Sensation.

Our services

flashkick backflip

Single Trickline Show

Breathtaking jumps and flips on a two inch thin Slackline. This Showact will fit to almost any event.

duo backflip on the Slackline

Duo Trickline Show

Worlds first! - Two slacklines and a synchronized show guarantee an extraordinary experience that no one else offers.

highline abu dhabi

Highline Show

Ready to take your event to another level? High in the air, tied to a leash, we will balance above the heads of the spectators.

stunt production

Stunts & Rigging

In combination with our technical background we can also create stunts for movies and TV productions.

Why to work with us

Our key benefits at a glance.

indipendent setup

We have reduced the technical requirements to the minimum.


Through contests and long term show contracts we could gain a lot of experience.


Every event is unique and so is our Showact.

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